In case the customer needs to exchange the purchased product, please carefully read the exchange policies for each brand below. ASH Vietnam Company Limited (ASH) only supports exchanges for products transacted online on the website

Customers please record a video to check with the shipper when receiving the goods. ASH will not be responsible for handling the problem if there is no video to compare.

  • Exchange period

Within 15 days from the date the customer receives the product (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) until  ASH Vietnam Company Limited receives it back product (based on postmark/shipping unit).

  • Exchange/return location

For specific instructions on the return address, please contact us:

Hot switchboard: (+84) 28 667 302 73  (from 08:30 to 17:30 - Monday - Friday)


Fanpage: (daily)

  • Content of exchange/return policy
    • Conditions on condition of returned goods/products:
      • The product has not been used, has not been washed/ironed, and has no strange odors.
      • The product has intact labels and accompanying product boxes/packaging (if any).
      • Customers can provide complete purchase documents/invoices at the website
      • The goods are not damaged due to storage or transportation from the user.
      • Returns and exchanges are not applicable for products purchased during the discount program.
    • General regulations
      • Defective goods from the manufacturer such as peeling, fading, or not the right size will be exchanged for similar products.
      • Exchanges can only be made in the form of changing size and color within the same product code. In case the product the customer needs to exchange is out of size/color, the Customer Service Center is responsible for advising on additional products so that the total exchange value is equal to or greater than the value the customer has traded for. The excess amount of the product if you exchange a product with a lower value than the product originally paid for will not be refunded.
      • Each full price product can only be exchanged one time only. In case the customer has exchanged the goods and continues to have objective problems regarding product defects, manufacturer errors, wrong images, and the customer no longer needs to exchange the goods, we will proceed with a refund according to our procedures. company.
      •  ASH Vietnam Company Limited reserves the right to evaluate the condition of exchanged/defective goods before making any repairs or exchanges.
      • After the company has evaluated the product, in case the product does not meet the exchange/return conditions, we will refuse the exchange/return transaction and contact the customer for receipt. return the product or assist the customer in delivering the product to the customer's address (in this case, the customer will bear shipping costs). In case the customer does not accept the return of the product, or does not pay the shipping fee, the goods will be returned to  ASH Vietnam Co., Ltd. according to the shipping address and  Company. ASH Vietnam LLC will have full authority to make decisions about this product.
      • In case of exchange/return due to manufacturer error or  ASH Vietnam Co., Ltd., customers will receive free shipping.
      • In case the exchange is not due to a product defect but due to the customer's needs, the customer will bear the cost of shipping the exchanged goods from  ASH Vietnam Company Limited.
      •  ASH Vietnam Company Limited reserves the right to modify website policies and conditions for promotional items and special programs at any time.
      • Exchange - return policy NOT applies to: Underwear, Accessories (Socks, Hats, Gloves) or products included in incentive programs, promotions, discounts, present.
  • Exchange/return method

Customers exchange/return goods directly at the office  ASH Vietnam Company Limited - Customer Care Department or via express delivery service.

Notes when sending packages via delivery services:
  •  ASH Vietnam Company Limited is not responsible for the integrity and completeness of the goods inside the package when the customer sends it via delivery service.
  • Customers need to pack carefully to ensure the goods are not lost or misplaced.
  • Customers should take photos of the product and package before exchanging/returning. Storing images will contribute to better solving problems that arise during the process of exchanging/returning goods via delivery services.
  • If you need to change color/size/product to another product equal to or greater than the price of the product you ordered, please notify us within 2 hours after placing the order on the website for fastest return support and no additional costs incurred.
  • Shipping costs when exchanging goods:
      • In case the customer changes his mind, there is no error, or, lthe error arises from the customer (for example: the customer orders the wrong size, wrong color, wrong model, etc.) → Customers please bear all 2-way shipping fees.
      • In case of error arising from ASH's side → ASH will bear the entire shipping fee for exchanging goods.
      • For other objective cases, the error does not come from the customer or ASH → Customers please bear the shipping cost to return the goods, ASH will bear the cost of exchanging new goods for the customer.
    • Implementation process:
    Step 1: Customer determines the need to exchange/return goods. Contact Customer Service ASH Vietnam Company Limited to make a request.
    Step 2: Transfer products to be exchanged/returned:
    Method 1: Using a shipping unit: the customer prints/writes the Exchange/Return Request Form and pastes it on the package and sends it to the Customer Care Center or store system with details printed on the delivery note. row.
    Method 2: Customers bring the product directly to the Customer Care Center at the address provided.
    Step 3: Consider the condition of the product that needs to be exchanged/returned:
    QC staff ASH Vietnam Co., Ltd. will evaluate the product condition, whether it falls within the regulations on goods condition mentioned above.
    Step 4: Confirm the exchange/return
    In case exchange/return is not accepted: Store staff or customer service department will notify the product status and proceed to return it to the customer.
    In case of acceptance of return: Customers will receive a refund/or coupon corresponding to the amount paid after we confirm that the condition of the goods meets the conditions for exchanging/returning the product.
      • Refund Methods: 


      • For errors arising from ASH's side → ASH will refund 100% of the goods price + shipping fee paid by the customer when placing the order.
      • For objective errors that do not originate from the customer or ASH and the customer cannot find a replacement product → ASH will only refund the goods.
        • Refund coupon: After confirming your returned product is eligible for refund, ASH Vietnam Co., Ltd. will send you a coupon code of equivalent value. equivalent to the value you have purchased to continue shopping on the website  via your personal email with conditions of use and coupon term. Coupon refund time is 2-3 working days.
        • Refund via domestic ATM, Visa, Mastercard, JCB card: If you have paid via online payment gateway, we will refund via the original card number you used to make the payment. pay. Refund time is 10-15 working days.
        • Refund via personal account number: If you pay in cash, we will refund you via the bank account you provide. Refund time is 10-15 working days.